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we all understand the photo from the books and the videos: a gambler sits at the roulette table in a casino. He has luck. lots of luck.

In front of the gambler the pile of chips is growing to be. better and higher. each spin of the roulette wheel provides to the heap.

When the heap reaches the degree of his eyes, he may just arise, exchange the chips for money and go domestic. He winnings are sufficient to retain him in luxury daftar poker for the leisure of his life.

but the man can not arise. simply can not. he’s glued to his vicinity on the roulette table. after which his good fortune abandons him. The heap of chips starts to cut back.

He might nonetheless stand up and keep a part of his winnings. however he can’t. he is glued to his seat. unless he loses the last chip.

within the motion pictures, the person gets up and places a pistol to his head.

Binyamin Netanyahu resembles this man. He has luck. loads of good fortune. it is uncanny.

The total country sees the success. His recognition rises to the heavens.

The economic climate is prospering. there is essentially no unemployment. further and further Israeli startup businesses are being bought overseas for astronomical sums.

within the international sphere, Israel marches from victory to victory. The president of the world’s most important country behaves as if he have been Bibi’s abject slave. the USA has identified undivided Jerusalem as the capital of better Israel. The switch of the American embassy there became right into a country wide pageant, on the equal day as a further festival took vicinity in Tel Aviv, an outburst of familiar joy over Israel’s triumph on the Eurovision music contest. The masses are overcome, as if it was a victory in warfare.

the area press mentions Trump, Putin, and Netanyahu within the equal breath. Three giants.

internal Israel, Netanyahu has unlimited vigour. Emperor Bibi and his spouse seem like a royal pair.

He has no rivals. every possible competitor turned into purged from the ruling celebration long in the past. The closing Likud functionaries seem like dwarfs in comparison to tremendous Bibi. The coalition partners are a depressing lot of small factions, whose leaders recognize that they have no chance towards Bibi. The,opposition” is pitiful, at greatest.

The associations of democracy, whose obligation it is to protect the democratic device from fitting a dictatorship, are being destroyed, one after the different, whereas the hundreds shout encouragement. The Supreme court docket, the attorney universal, the State Comptroller, the Police Chief – those that don’t surrender are crushed.

The corruption circumstances in opposition t each Binyamin and Sarah Netanyahu, which may be wound up within a month, drag on for years, with out a end in sight.

On probably the most important front – the Arab – Netanyahu’s luck has reached fabulous heights.

The Arab world has always been disunited. but in the past it became a hidden disunity. the shortcoming of coordination between Egypt, Jordan and Syria enabled us to acquire the 1948 warfare.

Now the disunity has turn into start and extreme. something is happening that during the past was however a dream: Saudi Arabia nearly openly cooperates with Netanyahu in the combat towards Iran, and so does Egypt.

Two weeks in the past, on Black Monday, unarmed Palestinians in Gaza have been slaughtered wholesale. Yet no longer in a single Arab nation did stormy demonstrations break out. no longer even in the West bank. Nor in East Jerusalem. best a tiny Arab demonstration in Haifa, by which a policeman broke the leg of a shackled demonstrator after his arrest.

The total world witnessed the homely connection: the victory get together of Netanyahu on the new US embassy in Jerusalem, while thousands have been wounded or killed on the Gaza border. And just a couple of hours later – the mass outbreak of joy in Tel Aviv’s important rectangular over the victory of an Israeli songstress at the Eurovision contest.

the area saw and remained silent. The international reaction to the massacre in Gaza become even under the commonplace hypocritical minimal prescribed for such occasions. The only severe reaction got here from the Turkish ruler and changed into buried under a heap of derision in Israel.

all the way through Israel’s 70 years of existence, its governments have pretended to long for peace with the Arab world, and before that the Zionist management did the identical. considering the Oslo contract, the government also pretended to seek peace with the Palestinian people, whose very existence it denied until then.

all over Netanyahu’s reign even this pretense has evaporated. firstly, Bibi uttered a few phrases which have been construed as advocating the two-state answer. they’ve been forgotten lengthy in the past. Now even the hypocrisy has been swept away. No extra peace presents, no,painful concessions”, no nothing. total ignoring of the Saudi Peace Plan lengthy forgotten,

Why? essential: there is not any opportunity of peace without the introduction of a Palestinian state. this kind of peace necessitates the giving up of elements of the.”Land of Israel”. Netanyahu knows this smartly. He doesn’t dream of doing so.

Does this harm him in the national enviornment? On the opposite. Does this hurt him in the international area? now not in any respect. possibly the contrary is right. The additional the possibilities of peace circulate away, the better his recognition rises.

a leader with such luck, who will get up to him? Which flesh presser, which journalist, which billionaire? everyone flatters him. every person wants to serve him. All except a number of idealists and different idiots.

what will happen when the totally lucky gambler begins to lose, in spite of everything?

history is crammed with heroes who had legendary luck. Who conquered countries and continents, until the bitter day arrived. Napoleon, as an instance. Or his German successor, whose identify had stronger no longer be mentioned during this context.

a person who is simply too a success will inevitably develop into a megalomaniac. Their mental equilibrium might be upset.

they are going to go one kilometer too a ways and fall into the abyss.

And when they fall, they’ll hold the total nation with them.

perhaps Netanyahu’s good fortune will proceed for a while. most likely he’ll still have more and more successes. unless it stops.

where will Netanyahu circulate on from the dizzy height of his successes?

wisdom would say: he should still now alternate the chips he has received, which lie earlier than him on the table, the desk of the country, and offer the Palestinians and the whole Arab world a generous peace, which might assure Israel peace for generations to return. it’s at all times shrewd for a country to make peace while it is on the top of its electricity.

however Netanyahu isn’t intelligent enough to accomplish that. he will continue on his latest route.

possibly he can be in a position to restrain himself and never lead us right into a war with Iran – a warfare which can be lost via each side. it will be a destructive, a catastrophic warfare. perhaps Bibi is clever satisfactory to steer clear of this entice. except the crook investigations in opposition t him come too close to trial and his future becomes too endangered. warfare is at all times the last refuge of a nationalist ruler.

Even devoid of battle, Bibi’s path is leading against an apartheid state. There is simply no other possibility. The.”Jewish Nation-State” from the Mediterranean Sea to the wilderness, with an Arab majority so as to inexorably develop, except the balance of power in the state turns, the foreign situation changes, and the willpower of the herrenvolk weakens.

That has happened in history time and again, and in order to turn up to us. The Jewish State will develop into a bi-national state, with a shrinking Jewish minority, on account that Jews will now not need to reside in such a rustic.

When? In fifty years? In a hundred years? at the conclusion of the amazing Zionist chapter, the Jews will once more disperse throughout the realm.

I don’t like to be a prophet of doom. My heart aches once I see the masses captivated by using his charisma and following him to perdition.

It jogs my memory of the record of the Pied Piper.

In Hamelin, a small town in Germany, there become an endemic of rats. In despair, the burghers summoned a fashionable rat-catcher and promised him a generous reward.

The rat-catcher took his flute and commenced to play. The melody became so sweet that all of the rats got here out of their holes and adopted him. The Pied Piper led them into the river, the place the entire rats perished.

Having removed the rats, the burghers refused to pay the agreed fee.

So the Pied Piper took up his flute again and commenced to play. The melody became so candy that all the infants of the city left their buildings and adopted him. He led them into the river, the place all of them drowned.

Bibi Netanyahu, the Pied Piper. frightening.

Uri Avnery is a peace activist, journalist, writer, and former member of the Israeli Knesset. read different articles with the aid of Uri, or visit Uri’s website.

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Uri Avnery is a longtime Israeli peace activist. seeing that 1948 he has endorsed the institution of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. In 1974, Uri Avnery was the first Israeli to set up contact with the PLO leadership. In 1982 he turned into the first Israeli ever to meet Yasser Arafat, after crossing the traces in besieged Beirut. He served three terms within the Israeli Knesset and is the founding father of Gush Shalom Peace Bloc. visit his net site. View all posts with the aid of Uri Avnery

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